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Video Conferencing Audio Visual Installation Services

Everything you need to transform the AV experience in your office or meeting rooms

After the astonishing impact the Covid-19 outbreak has had on all our lives, video conferencing has become one of the most important and popular tools for everyone. Businesses are relying on video calls and connections to keep day to day operations going, and require the right tools and equipment to get there.

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Supply, Design and Install the Perfect Video Conferencing System for your Office

At Music Gear Installations we’re experts in video conferencing installations. We supply equipment for all your video call needs, from screen projection systems to top of the range microphones. We offer a few different services to build you ideal video conferencing system, including:

  • Equipment supply: we’ll recommend and supply the very best hardware for your video conferencing needs, including a full manufacturer guarantee
  • Supply, Design & Commissioning: as well as supplying your equipment, we’ll draw up a personalised blueprint for your video conferencing solution, and send one of our experts out to make sure it’s all optimally set-up
  • Installation projects: our experienced team can visit your business to fully fit and install your screens and sound systems so you can hit the ground running with video conferencing

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Does my business need video conferencing?

Video conferencing is widely used across many office-based businesses and industries. If you’ve got a conference room or meeting room that was previously used for in-person meetings, chances are you’ll need to think about a video conferencing solution very soon.

It’s becoming more and more popular, and efficient, no matter your industry. Having the equipment and set up for video calling and conferencing means you can hold important meetings, presentations, and team catch ups at any time and with participants calling in from anywhere. Even if in pre-Covid times you were a full-time in-office business, you might find that these days it’s easier, safer, and actually more efficient to be able to talk to your team, suppliers or clients virtually.

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Installation of video conferencing software on display screens within an office meeting room

What audio visual equipment do you need for video conferencing?

Here are some of the pieces of equipment and other tools you’ll need to set up video conferencing:


Obviously, having crystal-clear displays that everyone in your conferencing room can see is vital for your system. Whether you choose a digital monitor or even a projector screen, Music Gear Installations can advise you on the best options for your office space.


Sound quality is just as important as image quality when it comes to conferencing. We are approved stockists and partners with market leading names from the world of sound design including Sennheiser, Audio Technica and Shure.

Audio Speakers

There are a number of options for speaker and sound equipment in video conferencing. You might be using a system in-built to your office phone system, or may choose to hook up external speakers to amplify sound. There are also options including computer speakers, portable speakers, subwoofers and Bluetooth speakers.

Full Warranty on all Audio Installations

All video conferencing av equipment comeswith full manufacturer warranty for that extra peace of mind. We are approved UK stockists for all the leading brands we supply.

Wondering how to install video conferencing equipment?

Choosing the right location for your video conferencing equipment is as important as choosing the equipment itself. There are a number of factors you need to consider in order to get the best sound and visual imaging quality from your calls.

Eye level

You need to account for the seating and other furniture in your conference room when you’re placing your camera and screen. Most meeting rooms have laid out seating, so a good rule of thumb is to place or mount your camera slightly above eye level when seated.

Wall mounting

The best option is to use wall mounts to hang your camera and screen (whether it’s a digital screen or a projector screen). Ideally, you want your camera and the video screen to be next to each other (or on top of each other), since you want to be looking at both during your call.

Microphone position

Depending on the microphone set up you choose, you need to think of the best position to place it to capture the best sound. If you’re likely to have multiple voices in the room using it, choose a location that’s central so everyone can be heard equally. You should also keep microphones as far away from speakers as possible to minimise feedback and interference. At Music Gear Installations we supply only the very best microphones that are professional grade, so we can guarantee a top performance.

Furniture and room layout

In an ideal world, your video conferencing area would be free from windows, but obviously that’s not always achievable. To minimise the risk of light from windows interfering with camera quality or making screens difficult to see, choose a position not directly in line with a window if you can. Alternatively, you could install blackout blinds to stop light from outside getting in the way of your call.

You should also try to remove any reflective surfaces (like picture frames, glass tabletops and even walls coated with high gloss paint) from the view of the camera lens or from in front of the screen. Try to use a plain or single-coloured wall as background for your camera where possible, too.

At Music Gear Installations we’ve got experience fitting small meeting rooms and installing AV systems and conferencing tools in large, concert-hall sized areas. In larger spaces, reverberation can be an issue; our teams fix this by recommending rugs, carpet, tiles and curtains to dampen any interfering sound.

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How much is video conferencing equipment?

We supply, design, inspect and install video conferencing equipment for businesses of all sizes. Every one of our design blueprints and projects is completely bespoke, and will be tailored to your business. We’ll work around your requirements and draw up a price that takes into account the equipment, budget and services you need.

Prices will differ depending on whether you simply want us to supply your video conferencing equipment, or whether you would prefer an expert install and check as well. How much your install costs will also depend on the equipment you require – some customers come to us for our specialist microphone and sound systems, while others use our expertise in projection  and screens  as well.