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AV Supply, Design & Commisioning

Our flexible service is your choice, pick what is best for you.

Not sure what products to choose to do the right job?
Not sure where to situate the products to get the best performance?
Not sure how to set the system to get the best result?
Sound Familiar? Let’s Look at your Options

Supply, Design & Commissioning of Audio Equipment
Design Plans for Audio Install

Supply & Design

Products supplied by us with an approved blueprint to work to.

We understand that sometimes your sound and lighting requirements are often part of a larger overall project. In these situations there are usually contractors of numerous trades already working on your site who with some guidance and instruction could also be capable of installing the sound and lighting for you.

This process can sometimes be easier and more cost effective for you to manage working with your existing team rather than bringing extra people on site. In this instance we can offer a design and supply only service. We can either visit your site to offer face to face advice if it is within 60 miles of our head office (See map) or view your plan drawings and pictures remotely to propose to you products best suited to your needs and budget.

Once we have agreed the scheme with you we will supply an installation plan for your team to follow and all the right equipment needed to do the job properly. Using the advantage of our vast experience in sound and lighting you should achieve a far better end result than you would without our guidance. We will be available during office hours should you have any questions relating to the plan and the operation of the products supplied.

*We strongly recommend that only qualified personnel undertake the work

Supply, Design & Commisioning

Products supplied by us with an approved blueprint to work to. Plus the system set & tested on completion by our experts to ensure it works to maximum potential.

We also can offer a commissioning service in addition that means once the equipment has been installed by you or your team, we will visit the site and make sure the equipment is connected together properly, tested and set to work correctly, safely and to its optimum. This may include setting limiters on amplifiers for example so that you do not over power and damage your system. The commissioning service could be up to a maximum of 3 visits, including an initial site visit. The commissioning services is only available within 60 miles of our head office (See map).

We will also be available during office hours should you have any questions relating to the overall installation in addition to the products supplied prior to commissioning. We have worked with numerous nationwide developers and contractors on varied schemes giving just the right level of specialist support needed for them to keep the job simple, running on time and on budget. You choose our bespoke design with service level right for you and for your venue and as always we are happy to oblige and integrate as required by you into your job.

Using our depth of knowledge from years of past experience we can avoid you installing the wrong products and making the classic errors that inexperienced sound and lighting installers continue to do. In fact with our guidance not only will you get the right end result, it may also cost you less than you think!

Prefer to Talk the Details Over with an Expert?

It works well with the guys at Music Gear Installations. Here at Environment Lighting we specialise in Installing bespoke energy saving commercial lighting solutions and often get asked for Venue sound and lighting. We discuss the product options with them and they advise and supply, we go and do the install. They're always on the end of the phone should there be any challenges.

Simon, Managing DirectorEnvironment Lighting Ltd