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Wall Mounted Speaker Installations

Everything you need to know about wall mounted speakers and installing them

Virtually every sound Installation that we carry out will consist of speakers that fall in to one of two categories – Wall Mounted or Ceiling Mounted.
They both serve a purpose of equal importance. Here we’re going to explain a little more about the variety of Wall Mounted Speakers that we install and why we choose them.

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What is the best Choice of Wall Mounted Speakers?

This often depends on the budget available. Quite a number of the wall mounted speakers do look remarkably similar to each other. The quality of the internal components used is often what differentiates them. Better speaker components tend to have a wider frequency response and are of a higher wattage or SPL (sound pressure level). Sometimes a larger quantity of less powerful speakers may be more advantageous for the installation.

How many Wall Mounted Speakers will I need for my Installation?

Again, this often depends on the amount of coverage required. The application may be across several rooms. A typical installation in a venue that requires speakers for music generally starts off with requiring a speaker in each corner of the room. The size of the room and volume required usually dictates the size and quantity of speakers required.

Comparing Wall Mounted Loudspeakers used for Installations in Black and White from RCF

100 Volt Line or Low Impedance? What is the Difference?

100 volt line speakers each have their own tapping transformer that can have the power output adjusted and can be used in larger quantities over a longer distance. However, they tend to be of a lower wattage, between 5 watts and 50 watts making them ideal for applications that require background music, such as restaurants, leisure centres or shopping centres, for example. Low impedance tends to be higher SPL’s (sound pressure levels) and have a wider frequency response making them more suitable for foreground applications.

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How Many Different Makes of Wall Mounted Speakers are There?

There are many makes on the market. Our experience over the many years of installing speakers has enabled us to choose a range of speakers that we are confident are the best in class for each specific application.

What is the Most Popular Size of Speaker for Installation?

Most installations regardless of the variety of applications tend to fall within a specific range of speaker size. 4” to 6” are the most popular sizes for installation.

Full Warranty on all Audio Installations

All stock comes with full manufacturer warranty for that extra peace of mind. We are approved UK stockists for all the leading brands we supply.

How are Speakers Fixed to a Wall?

Most wall mounted speakers have a rear mounting bracket. This is fixed to the wall using a fixing that is most suited to that particular substrate. It is always advised to get a fix to the brickwork or the woodwork wherever possible. If the speaker is to be fixed to a cavity wall, again, a fixing long enough to penetrate the outer wall is advised. Most speakers also come with a secondary fixing, which is a small wire that attaches to the back of the speaker and the wall giving it extra security.

Can Speakers be Mounted Upright and Long Ways?

Yes they can. Usually referred to as ‘portrait’ and ‘landscape’ orientation, often if the ceiling is quite high, the speaker works much better with a downward projection. Sometimes, depending on the type of rear mounting bracket the speaker has, this can only be achieved by installing the speaker in a landscape orientation, as the bracket is usually connected to the top and the bottom of the speaker, enabling it to be swivelled in a downward projection.

Do Wall Mounted Speakers come in a Variety of Colours?

Most speakers are either black or white, although some speaker manufacturers do offer a custom colour (RAL) option.

Are Wall Mounted Speakers Heavy?

Most Installation speakers, especially the popular sizes of 4” – 6” are very lightweight. They are usually made of a composite with a lightweight metal wall bracket. Larger speakers, for something like a live music venue could be anything up to 30kg’s each so require heavy duty wall brackets with adequate secondary fixings also.

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