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Sound System AV Installation in a Doctors and Dentist Surgery

Calverton GP Practice Doctors Surgery Nottingham

AV Installation for a doctors surgery GP Practice for backing music and calling patients
Sound System AV Installation in a Doctors and Dentist Surgery
TV screen and sound system installed into a doctors surgery and dental practice

Sound Systems for Doctor GP Practices and Dental Practices

Our Installation offering includes servicing the whole of the care and well being sector, including doctor’s surgeries and dental practices. Purely by the nature of these establishments, the environment is spotlessly clean and our approach to installation work within these sites is always sympathetic to the clients’ requirements. This may be the need for working when the surgery is closed to the general public, either during the evening or over the weekend. This is something we will always do accommodate and facilitate.

Most surgeries and practices have suspended ceiling tiles so our speaker of choice will usually be discreet ceiling speakers. They always fit in neatly with the décor. Sometimes the buildings have extensions that are either pitched roof or maybe glass conservatory style, so speakers within these areas are usually small wall mounted speakers with adjustable wall brackets. We always try where possible to make sure that no wiring is exposed, keeping the appearance neat and professional.

Installations within these environments tend to either use the radio or possibly music from a PC, laptop or mobile smart device. We generally install a slimline unit that caters for any type of music input, including an on board FM radio. An external aerial is required to receive the radio reception. Bluetooth connectivity is also popular, allowing wireless music streaming from your smartphone device. A USB media player is also featured. The main unit also includes the facility to accommodate a paging microphone. When an announcement is made the music will automatically ‘duck’, negating the need for any adjustment of the control unit. As soon as the announcer has finished talking, the music will revert back to its previously set level.

TV Screen Install for Medical and Dental Waiting Areas

TV’s are also a popular installation product for us. They can be wired into the main sound system, or simply left as an independent sound source. These can be wired in as a separate input source so the sound could potentially turned off while the radio is still playing, for example. TV’s are also often the source of advertising and appointment information.

Zoning in to different departments can also be accommodated. This is where you may require a different sound source and volume in another part of the building, in an upstairs waiting room, for example. This can be independently controlled from the main control station, usually behind the reception. Sometimes locally controlled Zone wall plates are installed. The reception may not realise that another floor requires the volume in a different area to be altered. Wall plates can be strategically installed within the required zone so that the volume can be adjusted within that area.
Hearing loops are also common within the medical sector. These allow the hard of hearing to amplify the sound and announcements enabling them to be heard through their hearing aid.

We are neat, thorough and conscientious and will always listen to your requirements and make the necessary arrangements to fit in around your convenience. Service and flexibility is paramount to us.

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