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Stage for a school in leicester has lighting and speaker system installed for learning

Ashby Academy School and Theatre Complex Leicester

Sound Systems for Classrooms in Schools, Universities & Colleges

If you are looking for a sound system to give you flexibility, functionality and a good quality sound in your school, college or university, we have a vast knowledge from our many previous installations to help you make the right and best choice for your needs within your available budget.

Whether it be a simple system for your main hall to facilitate morning assemblies and occasional functions or a multi-room, multifunction zoned system for your entire complex we can advise you on the options available.
The advantage of a multi zone system is that you can have the same sound at different volume levels for different spaces. For example you could hear a lecture from the main hall in smaller classrooms at a comfortable volume suited to that environment. Simultaneously you could have music in the gymnasium and different background music in the corridors. The options are considerable and can be tailored to your needs.

Typically we also supply microphones both wired and wireless. The advantage of wireless microphones available head worn, lapel worn or hand held, allows free movement around the space for the speaker or performer without having to worry about the restraints of a cable trailing. This can be very useful when you are delivering a lecture or taking part in a play especially if you are wearing a wireless headset microphone leaving your hands free to use.

TV Screen, Projector Intall & Microphones for Universities, Colleges & Schools

Multi-media players are included in most packages to allow for a sound source capability from CD, MP3, and USB or externally from a PC, tablet or smartphone. We can also supply a blue-tooth receiver should you want a wireless connection from your smart phone for a convenient and easy solution.

For larger rooms we can supply concert sized systems capable of amplifying full live bands for example and often this type of package will include digital mixers and floor or in-ear monitoring systems so the musicians can also hear themselves properly when performing.

Effect lighting is also very popular to add to the ambiance typically situated in the main hall and directed to the stage to provide lighting for plays and performances and sometimes to add something extra at your functions.
LCD Screens and classroom projection is also becoming more popular and regularly used in many different scenarios.

With the expectation of high quality imagery now the norm, poor quality visuals will no doubt loose pupil’s attention and damage the high standards you must deliver to set the right example and the bar high. High quality sound and imagery must go hand in hand.
With the multiple options available, we should be able to achieve your requirements however broad they may be. See just a selection of variants in some of our attached case studies or contact us for more information.

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