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Outdoor Sound Systems Installed by UK Audio Visual Experts

Everything you need to know about outdoor sound systems for your venue

If your venue has an outdoor space, you’ll know the importance of including it in your design plans. That extends beyond décor – you need to consider lighting for evenings and sound design for whenever you have guests.

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Outdoor PA Speaker Sound System Installation

Creating an outdoor sound system is the best way to create a welcoming, inviting and memorable atmosphere for your beer garden. Have background music as your guests enjoy meals and drinks al fresco, or continue the atmosphere from inside with a cohesive zoned sound system that connects all areas of your venue.

At Music Gear Installations we specialise in bespoke audio visual projects for venues. As official, approved stockists for a variety of the best known and most renowned brands available in the UK, we can work on the ultimate outdoor sound system design with you.

Our services include audio visual supply, audio visual design and installation – with Music Gear Installations you’re in the best hands.

Why do I need an outdoor sound system?

There are a number of functions for a commercial outdoor sound system. We’ve worked on a number of projects for venues around the country, and have experience creating and designing bespoke systems.

Some of the reasons to build an outdoor sound system include:

  • To play background music for drinks and meal service
  • For live music (i.e. band or open mic night)
  • Play pub quiz sound throughout your venue
  • To amplify commentary from TVs (particularly for sports bars)
  • For PA announcements

Extend your bar or pub and add additional tables for the warmer months. Patio or garden space is great for summer dining and drinks, but it’s important to treat this space as an extension of your venue.

Sound is an integral part of the experience at any venue – be it a pub, club, restaurant or hotel. Outdoor spaces are no different, and can actually offer a real enhancement of your offering. Using the wide range of equipment and expertise from Music Gear Installations, you can turn your outside area into a real entertainment hotspot.

Create the perfect outdoor system for your venue

There are a number of system features to consider for your set up – including volume, type of input, versatility and style.

If your business is in a residential area you’ll need to pay careful consideration to volume – you need to adhere to council regulations and make sure while you provide good sound quality for your guests, you’re not bothering or disturbing your neighbours. Managing this requires a quality speaker system that offers even diffusion of noise and an easily adjustable control.

If you want your system outside to reflect the sound going on inside your venue – for example a band or pub quiz – you’ll need to consider zoned controls, amplifiers and the type of speaker you want to install.

white outdoor speaker wallmounted on the building
the back of the white outdoor loudspeaker for the beer garden on a sunny day
Outdoor waterproof install speakers for beer garden nottingham
outdoor lighting and black speakers installed onto lighting poles around an outdoor seating area for a wedding restaurant venue
Outdoor white speaker wall mounted on to brick work at a wedding venue
black wall mount pa sound system speaker on a wooden support for an outdoor bar at a wedding venue

What do I need to build a high quality outdoor sound system?

As with your main sound system, quality and reliability are the two main factors you need to consider. However, an outdoor system of any kind brings its own challenges, so there are some considerations you’ll need to take.

The best outdoor speakers

Choosing weatherproof speakers is obviously vital for any outdoor system. Having waterproof equipment means you can spend less time worrying about covering and protecting your equipment from rain (and spilled drinks!). Outdoor speakers should be IP rated for safety – ask one of the Music Gear Installations team for more information.

Choose speakers from the full range of outdoor-ready equipment in our catalogue – our stock spans multiple brands and types so you’re sure to find the right one for your space. You need something that has adjustable volume. Sub woofers and bass bins might also be worth considering if your space is part of a night club or will be playing bass heavy music. If it’s a large space or garden you’re outfitting, a 100v line system will provide wide ranging coverage.

It’s also vital to remember to choose speakers that can be easily secured and locked down. You’ll be leaving this valuable audio equipment outdoors 24 hours a day, so you need to make sure it’s safe. We can advise on the best ways to secure your speakers, and our installation teams can fix your system to make sure that it’s properly in place.

Controls for an outdoor sound system

If your outdoor space is part of a wider venue, having a zoned sound system is incredibly useful. Use an amplifier or sound control with zones for the best versatility. That way you can turn up the speakers outside to account for traffic noise, but keep the interior set up at a comfortable volume, for example.

Using amplifiers with an outdoor set up

Outdoor systems are often competing with other sources of sound – be it traffic from nearby roads, passers-by, or other venues. Amplifiers are key to enhancing your speakers and making sure your customers can hear your music, commentary and announcements.

High performance amplifiers can be connected to multiple weatherproof speaker or PA systems for the best output and sound quality.

Full Warranty on all Audio Installations

All outdoor speaker system stock comes with full manufacturer warranty for that extra peace of mind. We are approved UK stockists for all the leading brands we supply.

Building the perfect outdoor sound system, made simple

We get it – choosing all the components for your system, deciding the right placement and installation points, connecting all the inputs and outputs and then actually fitting everything can be a bit overwhelming.

That’s why we offer multiple packages and a wide range of services to help.

If you know the layout you want and have decided what kind of equipment you need, we can supply top of the range audio visual products from leading manufacturers for the best value and service. If you choose, we can also visit your venue and complete a professional audio installation project – this is particularly useful if you’re concerned about properly securing external equipment.

Working with outdated speakers and old amplifiers? Finding that your system is slow, tinny or offering unreliable quality? Go for a sound system upgrade with MGI for expert recommendations and guaranteed equipment.

For the full service, our flexible supply, design and commissioning service means you tailor our work for your needs. We can build a design blueprint and provide the products to fit it, and – if required – come and install the system and test it to professional standards too.

Get in touch for a free, no obligation quote from our team.

outdoor seating area for guests to enjoy food and drink surrounded by outdoor lighting and sound system
outdoor black speaker system attached to a lighting pole for outdoor eating and drinking
Black outdoor pa speaker on lighting pole for outdoor wedding venue

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