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Creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere inside your restaurant is a key part of ensuring the best possible customer experience. Having the right music in the perfect places at the correct volume can turn any restaurant into the ultimate social space. Of course, getting it wrong with sound – from volume to speaker placement to sound quality – can completely ruin a restaurant’s ambience too. That’s why designing the perfect restaurant sound system for your space is so important.

Choose the right restaurant speakers for your venue

Getting your menu, décor and staff right are obviously some of the most important elements to having a successful restaurant. However, ambience and atmosphere are just as vital in creating a space your customers will actually want to spend time in. That’s where the Musi Gear Installations team comes in.

We’re experts in designing sound systems for specific spaces and requirements. We can create a full design based on blueprints and plans of your venue. Over years of creating custom-built sound systems in small independent restaurants and in larger chain establishments, our team have learned all the tips and tricks needed to create the perfect soundscape for your customers.

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Install Speakers for Restaurants

Typically in these environments for a pleasant and even volume of sound, a higher quantity of smaller discreet speakers around your space, sometimes even concealed in the ceiling will work better. If you do not fit enough speakers in the correct position you will create an uncomfortable environment for your guests. Having too few larger individual loudspeakers will not only look unsightly but inevitably the speakers will be stretched to try and fill the space with sound. This will result in people near the speaker finding the volume too loud and people furthest away will struggle to hear it. Not very conducive to creating the relaxed atmosphere you planned for your customers, especially if you have a great reputation to uphold or build.

Regularly with this type of audio visual installation we will provide a multi-media player in the package to allow for a sound source capability from CD, MP3, and USB or externally from a PC, tablet or smartphone. We can also supply a Bluetooth receiver should you want a wireless connection.

Microphones & Lighting Effects for Restaurants

Paging microphones are also a popular inclusion to allow for announcements over the system. A paging microphone is specifically designed to be used from a reception or office area and will become active and over-ride the music with the press of a button usually situated in the microphone desk stand. Whether that be to call a member of the team or to inform a client their taxi has arrived! If you also have a zone mixer included in your system, you can not only have different music playing at different volume levels around the venue, you can also decide which area your announcements are heard in. This gives you total flexibility and control, especially useful in larger restaurants where sound is also required in corridors, hallways, and cloakrooms.

Should you also require some effect lighting to add to the ambiance, we are aware this is becoming increasingly popular for events such as weddings in hotels. It’s important to consider how the hotel sound system communicates and or compliments the restaurant speakers. We have also installed of a number of lighting schemes in themed restaurants that have really made a difference and changed the whole mood with a flick of a switch!

Black loudspeaker system installed into a hotel restaurant
Projector screen system for hotel conference rooms av installation
Restaurant hotel av pa sound system installed

What makes a good restaurant sound system?

Like any good recipe, there are multiple elements that go into creating a great restaurant sound system. At Music Gear Installations we pride ourselves in offering only the highest quality design, equipment, installation and sales support, so when you come to us for a sound system quote you know we’ll get it pitch perfect.

1. Spacing and Placement

Where you choose to install your sound system and place your speakers is one of the most important elements. If a speaker is too close to tables or guests, you risk music being deafeningly loud and completely off-putting. On the other hand, if your wall speakers are mounted too high or are placed far away from the main dining area, your customers might not be able to hear the music, creating a dull and cold atmosphere in the restaurant.

When designing your background music system, you need to bear in mind that you might want different sounds and tones at different times. For example, if your restaurant offers a lunch service and also operates at dinner, you may wish to offer two different soundtracks. It’s also important to note that in order to play quieter, ambient music right across your dining area will likely require more strategically placed speakers than simply blasting loud music from one high volume speaker would.

Poor placement and bad positioning of speakers can completely ruin the atmosphere – and therefore often the perceived quality – of your venue. If you’re not sure where the best spots to install speakers are, our Supply, Design & Commissioning service team will help create a custom plan

2. Top Quality Equipment

Naturally, when you want the best sound, you need the best gear. Music Gear Installations is an officially authorised UK stockist of leading brands including Yamaha, Inspired Audio, JBL and Logic System. We only recommend and sell from brands we know and trust, which is how we can guarantee durability, clarity and great sounding quality every time.

For restaurants, you need a system you can depend on for providing loud and clear sound for long hours at a time. You’ll also likely require systems that can be moved and shaped around your space, as well as gear that works with multiple tech systems and programmes. Our team have personally worked with our brands for years, and will be able to identify the right make and model for your speaker needs right away.

Quality talks, both in terms of your produce and your atmosphere. Choosing to invest in a top of the line sound system that will last you for years means you differentiate yourself from your competitors, setting your restaurant up as the place to be

3. Multi-Purpose Gear

At some of the restaurants we’ve worked with, the sound system was purely used to play background music during dinner service. For others, it provided music during meals and was also used to broadcast announcements. Many of the restaurants and diners we’ve worked with need their sound system to be multifunctional – for example, providing background piped music during the day and pivoting to amplifying live music during the evenings.

When we discuss your plan and site design, we’ll go through your options with you so you can decide which elements you’ll need to think about. Whether you need in-built microphones, wall speakers, ceiling speakers, multifunctional audio systems or digital controls, we’ll find the perfect solution.

4. Versatility

For larger venues and restaurants (particularly those spread over multiple floors), multizonal sound design is incredibly important. For these spaces, being able to control the music across different areas is crucial, as sound levels can differ hugely depending on the area, crowd numbers and other factors.

Smaller venues may also wish to consider a versatile, multizone capable sound system. For example, you may want to have different music playing in the bar area and the dining area. Often restaurants and bars choose to have a separate sound zone operating in the toilet area too. To create more rooms and space in your establishment, you might want to segment different areas and differentiate them with sound – so you could have child-friendly music in the play area, soft instrumentals in the dining room, and livelier tunes playing in the waiting area. In order to be able to control multiple audio zones and maintain comfortable volume levels, you’ll need a system installed that’s easy to use, adaptable and reliable.

5. Audio Power Amplifiers for restaurants

Alongside the right sound system, it’s a good idea to include an audio power amplifier in your restaurant installation. As you transition from breakfast to lunch, lunch to dinner or even from event to event, you’re likely going to need different music and sound types for your restaurant.

An installation amplifier allows you to create a background music system that allows multiple inputs and sources. So, you could play classical music from an iPod at lunch, and plug in a DJ’s laptop in the evening, all using the same inbuilt speaker system. Similarly, for themed venues or restaurants with casual areas, it’s often important to amplify the sound from televisions or projection screens.

If you have a small restaurant with one main dining room, you might opt for a single volume control amplifier. This allows you to adjust the music volume across a single area at the touch of a button.

For larger spaces, or venues with multiple areas, a zoned power amplifier allows you to adjust volume in different rooms at once. This is particularly useful if you need to keep a comfortable, ambient soundtrack in the dining area but want louder music in a family area.

Hotel Restuarant with audio visual speaker sound system installation
Snug area av sound system installation hotel restaurant

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How to find the best restaurant lighting scheme

To complement your sound system, you’ll need a good, fit for purpose lighting system across your entire restaurant.

Restaurant lighting isn’t always easy to get right. Too many venue owners think installing domestic light fixtures will be sufficient – however, to maintain consistent light levels across the different areas of your restaurant, you’ll need to have the right system.

It’s important to choose the right lighting systems and equipment for your restaurant – at Music Gear Installations we always operate on a tailor-made level, as we’ve learned from experience that one-size-fits-all doesn’t actually work for everyone. Whether you’re choosing restaurant wall lighting to brighten up a dark spot in the dining area, or are deciding between options for venue-wide restaurant ceiling lighting, our team can help.

Adaptable lighting can also be an important consideration, depending on your venue. For example, it might be important to be able to control the fixtures to create mood lighting, or lower the brightness in one particular area only. If your restaurant has live music, you might find you need a spotlight or stage lighting setup – we can also combine your sound and lighting systems for the best quality entertainment.

LED lighting for your restaurant

For modern restaurant lighting, our team highly recommends using LED fixtures. These bulbs are the perfect light source for your entire venue, from dining area to entryway, toilet to

What are the benefits of LED lighting?


LED light bulbs can last longer than other types by thousands of hours, thanks to their low energy composition.


As LED light bulbs last longer there’s less of a maintenance cost when it comes to buying and replacing bulbs. They are also less of a drain on the electric bill. As they are more widely produced across the world it has driven costs of new lighting down vs other types of lighting.


While normal bulbs are lit by heating their filaments, LED bulbs use electromagnetic energy to generate light. This means they don’t get hot, so they’re great for use in heat sensitive areas and are safer around children.


When people list their restaurant lighting ideas and goals, reliability is always high on the list. LEDs typically deal with vibration and temperature shifts better than filament bulbs, making them perfect for busy public spaces.


LEDs are also really efficient, using about 70% of their energy as light. This means they’re safer, as they don’t need to generate as much heat to illuminate, and they also save on energy consumption versus an incandescent bulb.

I run restaurants and have no idea about sound systems! I needed a solution based on someone listening to my requirements and turning them into reality, as I do with every aspect of my vision. Music Gear Installations team got this spot on. I knew from the first meeting that I could leave it to them. I like working with companies like that.

Antony CrossmanRestaurant Owner

Why choose Music Gear Installations for your restaurant sound system and venue lighting project?

It’s all in the name really – installing top quality music gear is just what we do! But our work goes far beyond that, and we’re proud to be the trusted name in supply, design, installation and project management across a whole number of complementary areas – from stage lighting and hearing induction loop installation to sound design, AV projects and projection screen sourcing.

Our team of installation experts know the restaurant, bar and hospitality industry inside out. We’ve been working with businesses of all sizes up and down the country for decades. During that time we’ve worked in the UK’s major cities and smallest towns, picking up tricks of the trade and insider tips that we use to take every customer’s project to the next level.

We work on a completely bespoke basis – you decide what level of support you need from us. You might just want speakers for your venue from us; no problem – we can provide a great price on a Yamaha restaurant sound system or any alternative that works best for you.

Or, perhaps you need a little help figuring out how the sound and lighting is going to work at your business. In that case, our team can help with sound system design and create a blueprint plan maximising space and tech for the best quality.

The Music Gear Installations team also specialises in upgrades and installations, so there’s really no element of your sound or lighting system that we can’t help with.

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