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Care Home in Lincoln Audio Visual Installation

Tallington Lodge Care Home Lincoln

Sound Systems for Care Homes

This sector is becoming increasingly popular for requiring a sound system installed. For the vast majority of the time the care home environment likes to have back ground music playing, more often than not from a radio. Rather than have small radios around the various rooms or the TV on that can’t be heard in other parts of the home we often install small speakers, usually ceiling mounted in various areas which in turn are wired back to a reception area where the sound can be controlled. This gives a much better overall sound

This control area is often in a reception area, or neatly locked away in a cupboard. This mainly consists of a line mixer / amplifier that has built in FM radio, auxiliary inputs for plugging in a music device and microphone and line level inputs, which are ideal to connect a CD player to plus the Televisions can be wired to these also to enable a controlled sound level distribution around the day rooms.

TV Screen and Audio Zone Installs for Care Homes

Multi room zoners are also a popular feature. These allow for different functions to occur in different areas, at the same time. For example, some maybe watching the TV in the day room and some residents enjoy singing along to CD’s or listening to the radio in another room.

Outdoor areas can also be part of the Zoning and can feature a different source or simply a different volume level.

Localised wall plates are also popular. This can be an individual room, such as a hairdressers, that has a wall plate into which a phone or other music device can be plugged into to have specific music in that room. This again would be one of the zones.

Paging microphones for general announcements are a popular feature of a care home installation. These are wired into the main control area and when used take priority over whatever else is going through the system.

Full Speaker system and TV screen audio visual installation for care homes
Care Home in Lincoln Audio Visual Installation

We’d previously worked with Music Gear Installations on a social club refit in Nottingham. They advised us on lighting that we were fitting whilst they did the PA system. They ended up doing the stage lighting also! When the care home came up we had no hesitation in contracting them to take care of the audio. Although it was a 200 mile round trip from their base, they met us on site right from the start to look at plans, speaker placements, establish routes, etc. Their main installation guy Ian worked long days to get the job done. Top team, top company!

Roger VernonDirector MV Construction - Care Home Refurbishments

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