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Sound Systems for Retail Shops, Supermarkets & Showrooms

If you have a shop, showroom, supermarket or car dealership and you are looking for a good quality sound system to give you flexibility in operation and a pleasing experience for your clients, drawing from our vast experience installing sound, lighting and vision in this sector we have the knowledge to help you make the best choice for your situation.

To achieve the right ambience and for a pleasant and even volume sound at background levels, you will need the optimum quantity of smaller discreet speakers around your space, sometimes recessed into the ceiling. If you do not fit enough speakers in the correct positions you will end up the sound too loud near the speaker and the sound furthest away will be too low in volume. This is not very conducive to creating the right atmosphere and giving a positive experience for your customers visit.

To allow you to have different music playing at different volume levels around the building, you can include a zone mixer in your system. You may want to have vibrant music in your main sales floor and more relaxed music at lower levels in other sales areas, corridors andchanging rooms for example. This type of system gives you total flexibility, especially useful in larger multi-floor sites.

TV Screen AV Installations for Retail Shops, Supermarkets & Showrooms

To make announcements over the system, paging microphones are also a popular inclusion, whether that is to call a member of the team or to give customer information. Paging microphones are specifically designed to be used from an office or reception area and become live on the system usually by simply pressing a button on the paging microphone stand. If you have a multi-zone system, you can also decide which area your announcements are heard in. This gives you total flexibility.

You may also want to include a multi-media player / mixer combination. This will give you the ability via the Auxiliary input to plug in your music source, along with a USB input for music on a USB stick and a Bluetooth facility to allow wireless connectivity from your phone. CD players and FM tuners are also an option you can have included in the system if required. Should your amplifier/mixer be installed away from the shop floor you can have a remote wall plate controller fitted in a more convenient place to allow you to control the system from that position.

We have also installed many LCD TV screens and projectors in retail environments. For example to visually show promotional sales material or to generally enhance and energise the space, quality visuals will add another dimension.

You may also want to add some discreet ambient effect lighting to enhance and highlight certain displays. For example to light up ‘car of the week’ or colour wash a white product display. All this adds to lift the customer experience and the quality of your offering. See some of our attached case studies or contact us for more information.

My Dad is a musician as are all of the guys at Music Gear Installations. He knows their reputation and that they would do a great job without complicating anything. Nothing was too much trouble and the installation was complete in just a few hours.

Jamie CapleCar Dealership Showroom Owner

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