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Hearing Induction Loop System Installation Services

We are experts in hearing induction loops

The Music Gear Installations team has years of experience creating tailor-made audio visual solutions for venues of all kinds. We’re the experts in all things audio visual, and work with countless top brands – including Panasonic, BenQ, Sennheiser, Epsom and more – to deliver top quality results to businesses and places of work.

We’re approved stockists of the very best brands for microphones, projectors, projector screens, hearing audio loops and more. All the products we supply and fit come with a manufacturer backed guarantee, and can be fitted and installed by our experienced team.

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Church Sound System Installations for Houses of Worship
A sign for the hard of hearing that indicates the church has been installed with a hearing loop induction system
Hearing induction loop installation diagram

What is a hearing induction loop?

A hearing induction loop (also known as an audio loop) is a sound system that works with hearing aids. The hearing induction loop sends out a wireless magnetic signal that hearing aids on the T (telecoil) setting can pick up.

How does an induction loop hearing system work?

The audio induction hearing system is made up of multiple different components, including:

Microphone – to pick up the sound (e.g. voice, audio system, video) to be transmitted

Amplifier – which picks up the sound and sends it on via magnetic signal

Hearing induction loop cable – this is usually made from wire or copper, and is run around your venue to work like an antenna in transmitting the audio signal on to the hearing aid

We are an Authorised Hearing Loop Partner

See how a hearing loop actually works in the video below:

See How Hearing Loops Help People

If your business, oganisation or house of worship is amplifying sound in some way this video will help you understand the challanges a lot of people face when trying to listen or hear what is being said. We can help make what you have to be heard accessible to everyone.

A sign for the hard of hearing that indicates the church has been installed with a hearing loop induction system

Why would you install a hearing induction loop?

Induction loop hearing systems are a huge help to hearing impaired people and make your business or venue much more accessible. Having an induction loop hearing aid system will mean any visitors, guests, or speakers who are hearing impaired can participate in whatever’s going on at your location easily.
There are a number of benefits to installing a loop hearing system:

• Universal to anyone with a hearing aid
• Hearing aid users don’t need to have specialist equipment or ask for assistance
• Cuts out background noise or sound interference
• Transmits clear and reverberation-free sound to users
• An unlimited number of hearing aids can work with the system at once
• It’s a cost effective way to transmit information to hearing impaired people
• Installed correctly, it’s inconspicuous and can be seamlessly fitted to your venue

The Music Gear Installations team can design a system and complete a hearing induction loop installation tailor-made to your venue. We’ve got experience installing these hearing systems in everything from churches to concert halls, care homes to hospitals, salons to shops.

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Hearing Induction loop system installations example diagram

Does my venue need to install a hearing induction loop system?

To guarantee accessibility and the best user experience, many public venues and locations choose to have an induction loop hearing system installed.

The system won’t impact your venue, and will guarantee an easy and comfortable experience for any hearing aid users who may visit your location. With our Supply, Design and Commissioning service we can integrate your audio induction loop for hearing impaired guests quickly and efficiently. We’ll design an installation that fits perfectly into your space, and can even hook it all up to a brand new screen projector or sound system for the ultimate audio visual experience.

We’ve fitted induction loop hearing systems in a range of institutions, businesses, and public areas, ranging from small offices to large conferencing spaces and halls. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the most common places we install hearing loops, though our team would be happy to discuss installations with any venue or location.

Schools and Colleges

Learning spaces like schools, colleges, universities, and activity and play centres often choose to have a hearing aid sound system installed whether they already have hearing impaired students or not. The hearing induction loop cable can easily be installed around assembly halls, classrooms, and gymnasiums for the best reception.

Churches and Places of Worship

Churches and other places of worship number amongst our most popular customers. These spaces are often large with high ceilings and lots of seating far from the speaker. We install the system so hearing impaired visitors can be at the back of the room and still get crystal clear sound through their hearing aid.

Shops, Supermarkets and Showrooms

To make sure all customers feel welcome and to make communication as easy as possible, more and more shops and sales locations are choosing to install hearing aid systems. We’ve fitted several shops – both small local sites and larger outlets – with induction loop systems and full signage. Our team can inbuild a full sound system where required, and help customer interactions go that bit smoother.


In spaces where theatre or music performance is common, hearing induction loops can be vital. We’ve installed countless systems for theatres and venues over the years, guaranteeing audience members and performers alike a hearing experience free of background noise, interference, reverberations, or muffled sound.

Doctors, GP Surgeries and Dental Practices

Obviously, it’s important for patients to get the right information at a medical centre. In many cases, a hearing aid induction loop system is the easiest, most cost effective and time efficient set up to ensure patients (and staff) who are hearing impaired can interact with medical professionals as easily as possible. We can set up a hearing aid induction loop for TV screens displaying informational videos and integrate the microphone and amplifier so key announcements like appointment times can be transmitted straight to a user’s hearing aid.

Full Warranty on all Audio Installations

All installation products comes with full manufacturer warranty for that extra peace of mind. We are approved UK stockists for all the leading brands we supply.

Induction loop system costs

The cost of installing a hearing induction loop system involves pricing the microphone system, loop cable and amplifier. You’ll also need to consider whether your space needs a professional grade sound system or other audio visual installations to complete the project.

The price of your hearing induction loop installation will differ depending on the size of your venue and the kind of equipment you require. Our team have completed fits for businesses of all sizes across multiple industries, so we can offer the most competitive price and top of the line equipment that we guarantee.

Give our team a call to discuss your options. We can simply supply speaker and microphone equipment tailored to your needs and location. Or, we can draw up a personalised design that fits the hearing loop induction system perfectly to the room and tech you have. We can send our experienced fitters to install it all too, so you know it’s all set up and ready to go from day one.

The 3 Different Types of Hearing Loops

One to One Hearing Loops

one to one hearing loops are frequently used in a variety of settings within the public domain, often within serving counters of shops. They can either be fixed to an object such as the counter or portable and attached to a person.

One to one hearing induction loop system type example diagram
Integrated Hearing Loop Installation Services

Integrated Hearing Loops

Integrated hearing loops are more commonly used when communicating with multiple people from a fixed structure, machine or location such as car ticket machines or door entry intercoms.

Large Area Hearing Loops

Large area hearing loops are installed in venues where lots of people need to listen and can benefit from the information due to its importance or to enhance the experience, theatres will often install this type of loop along with classrooms and conference centres.

Large Area Hearing Loop Example Diagram

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