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The perfect night club offers a great atmosphere and good drinks, but it’s the sound quality that people remember above all else. The right combination of sub woofers, bass bins, speakers and amplifiers takes your venue to the next level.

At Music Gear Installations, we’ve worked with venues and businesses all over the country to supply cutting edge entertainment sound systems. As official stockists of a number of the UK’s leading audio visual brands, we can offer unbeatable quality and value.

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A Few Recent Club Install Projects

Sasha's Cocktail and Wine Bar in Nottingham Sound System Audio Visual Installation

Sasha’s Bar Nottingham

Social Club Nottingham Wedding Event Venue AV installation

The Crossing Social Club Carlton Nottingham

ALTO Bar Nottingham Audio Visual Lighting Installation

ALTO Bar Cornerhouse Nottingham

the stage in social club leicester after a full music gear installation

New Parks Sports and Social Club Leicester

Full AudIo Visual Sound Installation Shree Pajapati Association Community Centre, Leicester

Shree Prajapati Association Community Centre Leicester

Night Club Derby Sound and Lighting Installation

Living Lounge Night Club Derby

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What equipment is needed for the best quality night club sound system?

The question of how to build a club sound system comes down to preference, requirements, budget and quality. There are a number of components that go into any good set up, and choosing the right brand and type for your venue is key.

Because sound quality and performance are key for night clubs, usually we design systems that are built around a higher number of output points than input. So, you might have a system designed to play tunes from your DJ deck or music station that’s hooked up to dozens of speakers, sub woofers and amplifiers dotted around the venue.

For example, electronic clubs will need to invest in heavy duty and powerful sub woofers and bass bins. More traditional night clubs or dance halls might be better off investing in high fidelity speakers and amplifiers.

If you’re unsure how to go about deciding on the products for the best club sound system, our team can help.

Night club speakers

When it comes to club speaker packages, you will likely need a mix of types. You want to get people dancing, and opting for a few huge, cheap speakers is definitely not the right option. Getting the right sound quality is all about speakers – you don’t want to rely on one medium quality unit, you need to devise a night club speaker package that encompasses your venue and offers reliability.

Building the best speaker system for small clubs usually involves strategic placement and a careful consideration of volume. You want to disperse sound evenly throughout your venue, paying careful attention to often forgotten areas – like the bar, toilets, smoking area and cloakroom.

We recommend ceiling mounted speakers for certain club areas – your guests don’t have to miss out on the tunes when they visit the facilities or go to check their jacket. Use wall mounts and other tucked away speakers to still offer great sound, without taking up space.

Night club speaker placement

Location, location, location. Strategic planning and placement is vital for any night club.

Your club will be filled with partygoers and guests on a night out, so you need to protect your expensive equipment from stray feet and spilled drinks. With large units we will create a blueprint that tucks speakers under stages and into cabinets for safety – both of your investment and your guests!

In areas like the toilets, hallways, cloakrooms and exits, you’ll likely want to think about positioning speakers out of the way – so ceiling mounts are a popular choice. You want to avoid playing too high a volume in areas where it’s not needed to enhance the effect; so choosing a system that comprises wall mounted speakers in some areas and sub woofers in others is a great option for larger venues. This is why we typically recommend going for a zoned sound system – play the same songs throughout the club so your guests don’t have to miss out on the tunes when they leave the main area.

You also need to consider neighbouring businesses and residential homes, too. So, placing speaker in the best position to avoid noise pollution or disturbance is key. We’ve worked with clubs for years and know the best ways to maximise volume indoors and minimise disturbance outdoors.

As an approved supplier for leading names like Yamaha, Dynacord, Panasonic, Epson and more, we can offer manufacturer guarantees, an unbeatable choice and excellent value.

Sub woofers

Sub woofers are key for clubs – they play at low frequencies (20 to 200Hz). Your normal surround sound system can’t deliver this kind of sound, which is absolutely key for club anthems and your typical playlists – any music with organs, kick drums or a lot of bass need to be played over a sub woofer for the best club experience.

In your club, you want guests to hear the sound, but also feel it. Generate the best experience with a high quality sub woofer hooked up to your sound system. When we look at your venue plans we’ll be able to pinpoint the best place for speaker installation in order to get the best and most dynamic sound.

Bass bins

A bass bin is a sub woofer or speaker system encased in a horn cabinet. This leads to a higher SPL output. Bass bins are particularly useful for larger venues and outdoor concert spaces thanks to their efficiency.

Amplifiers for night clubs

Amplifiers for clubs have come a long way in recent years, and it’s now possible to get really excellent bass tones without having to spend a fortune or use huge amounts of space. When you choose your amplifier you’ll need to consider the type you need – for example switch-mode, low power or power audio.

Choose to set up your sound system on a zoned amplifier system for the greatest flexibility. For example, hook everything up to one input for a cohesive sound, but adjust the volume to comfortable levels for the bathrooms and exit areas.

Night club lighting

For the full and complete experience, you’ll need to think about how your lights work with the sound system. We specialise in event and entertainment audio visuals, so we can supply lights from leading brands – like Equinox, Zero88 and Chauvet – to illuminate the club stage, toilets, bar, dance floor and more.

My manager had used Music Gear Installations in another Derby club. They paid 2 or 3 visits prior to starting work getting to know who else was on site. A total refit can sometimes get a little messy with all sorts going off, so it’s important everyone get’s on and helps each other out when it comes to threading cables for example. The club is top drawer, so is the sound system and the lighting. A superb job done well, on time and on budget.

Tony SandhuClub Owner

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