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If you are looking for sound or lighting specifically for an outdoor project we have lots of past experience to help you make the right choice.

Sound System and Projector audio visual installation in a cricket sports club

Heyside Cricket Club Manchester

equestrian centre full pa speaker system install

Derby College Broomfield Hall Equestrian Centre

Sound Systems for Equestrian Centres

Many Equestrian Centers have now become recent clients for outdoor sound systems for both inside their arena and their outside spaces providing sound to their manege and outdoor show ground. Mostly used for speech and commentary, this type of system would typically have a higher quantity of smaller speakers to give a good sound distribution at comfortable levels. You have probably witnessed how uncomfortable it can be for humans and the animals to have just a few speakers attempting to cover large areas meaning the sound is deafening near the speaker and too faint when you are far away, not ideal! Typically this type of package would also include at least one radio microphone to allow commentary or presentations from different places around the venue. You will see in one of our case studies that the client also chose wireless headset mics for the instructors to use whilst on the horseback!

We have also supplied outdoor sound systems to cricket clubs, running tracks, sports clubs, caravan & camping parks and school playgrounds to name a few. Often for this application the outdoor sound system will include a media player of some type and the speakers will be also used to supply background music around the site.

Sound Systems & Lighting for Outdoor Activities

More bespoke systems for outdoor wedding venues and theme parks have also been supplied by us. Often for these schemes we have installed easy fix sockets and brackets to allow the speakers to be removed and put away if they are not regularly used in the winter for example, or if the attraction is closed for long periods or if the speakers are extremely exposed or vulnerable.

We have fitted many outdoor sound systems as part of a larger indoor sound system for bars and restaurants who often want to have the option to have music or announcements heard in their beer gardens or outside patio areas. Please see our Bars, Pubs & Beer Gardens section.

Also, the outdoor speakers will need to be ‘IP’ rated, which basically means they are designed to be installed outside. Likewise the correct type and positioning of specific outdoor effect lighting is also very important.

Speaker System Install for an outdoor horse riding school l
Outdoor loudspeakers audio installed for a horse riding school
Installing audio visual sound system speakers into a horse riding outdoor school

The Music Gear Installations Division installers went above and beyond their remit. Because of the nature of the installation, where drilling and any general noise had to be kept to a minimum due to the horses and the classes in progress, the team were very understanding and worked around our schedule” The PA system sounds great. All the students can hear me, I don’t frighten the horses with my shouting, I’ve got my voice back and I no longer sound so hoarse (ouch - sorry couldn’t resist the pun!)

Stephanie MeadowsEquestrian Centre Manager

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