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Your bar needs to be the place to be. Everyone’s first choice for a night out, a welcoming place for regulars and an exciting venue for music. To make that happen you need all the standards – good bar menu, great drinks selection, friendly staff and a good location. You also need a reliable sound system that promises high quality sound throughout the venue.

The best bar sound systems are made up of trustworthy equipment – speakers, amplifiers, microphones and more – and installed strategically to maximise sound without deafening customers or leaving any quiet spots. At Music Gear Installations, we’ve been working with bars, restaurants, pubs and night clubs up and down the country for years. Over that time, we’ve picked up a few tricks on the best ways to create virtual surround sound systems, hide amplifiers subtly around bars, install ceiling speakers and wall mount speakers around high footfall areas and plenty more.

Our team works on a bespoke basis – we work every project individually and to order. So, whether you simply want pointing in the right direction of a top quality replacement speaker, or need us to design and install a completely new sound system, get in touch. We’ll talk you through our services and then discuss your bar’s needs so we can provide the best quality and best value sound system on the market.

Axed Bar Nottingham

Island Quarter Regeneration Project Nottingham

Sasha's Cocktail and Wine Bar in Nottingham Sound System Audio Visual Installation

Sasha’s Bar Nottingham

The Shephers Rest Pub Nottingham with the sound system av installation

The Shepherds Rest Pub Nottingham

Social Club Nottingham Wedding Event Venue AV installation

The Crossing Social Club Carlton Nottingham

ALTO Bar Nottingham Audio Visual Lighting Installation

ALTO Bar Cornerhouse Nottingham

The Ned Ludd Audio Visual Installation Nottingham

The Ned Ludd Bar Nottingham

Eating Area Sound System Installation Leicester

The Bulls Head Pub & Kitchen Leicester

the stage in social club leicester after a full music gear installation

New Parks Sports and Social Club Leicester

PA Sound Speaker System Installed Burger Bar Nottingham

Bohn’s Burger Bar Restaurant Nottingham

Caravan Club Bar and Pub Sound Installation Mablethorpe Lincolnshire

Holivans Caravan Park Bar Mablethorpe

Bar Installation Leicester

The Doghouse Bar Leicester

What makes a good bar sound system?

The central sound system at your bar will control all audio output around the venue. Depending on the type of bar, that might include:

  • Music (from a computer system, phone, MP3 or other electronic input)
  • Radio
  • Television commentary and audio
  • Live music (through a connected microphone)
  • Announcements (over a PA system)
  • Bar or pub quizzes

Some bars may choose to simply connect a smartphone, laptop or MP3 player to a portable speaker, but for a sound quality, volume control, high fidelity audio, reliability and the best customer experience, you need to choose the right dedicated bar system.

Every Music Gear Installations system is different, since we design our installation blueprints around your venue plan, bar type and requirements. However, the typical bar sound system will be made up of a combination of the following components:

  • Speakers
    • Any number of wall mounted, ceiling mounted, portable, standalone or inbuilt speakers can be used
  • Amplifiers
    • Particularly important for live music bars, amplifiers can also boost sound for larger venues and offer volume control capability
  • Microphones
    • For live music, karaoke, staff announcements and events, investing in at least one good quality microphone can make your bar the party venue of choice
  • Sound controller
    • For full versatility you’ll likely want to opt for a zoned sound system that allows you to alter volume and more in multiple areas at once
  • Lighting design
    • A good lighting system is the perfect complement to sound. We’ll suggest the perfect light fixtures and set ups to take your bar to the next level
Dance floor with audio visual lighting effects installation and subwoofer nottingham
White Install Wall Braket LoudSpeaker part of sound system install in bar and pub
A black pa loudspeaker installed in the corner of a bar seating area as part of an audio visual pa sound system install

Why do I need a dedicated sound system for my bar?

Justification for a full, professional grade sound system is something we’ve been asked for a lot over the years. Particularly in previous years, owners and backers were sceptical that the award-winning, renowned brands we’re proud to stock – the likes of Panasonic, Yamaha, RCF, Inspired Audio, Logic System, Crown and more – would make a huge difference.

However, there really is no substitute for quality. You need a reliable, trusted manufacturer to make sure you can put your faith in your equipment. You don’t want to have your speakers turn tinny, microphone fail or amplifier blow during the busiest Saturday night of the year! We’re official audio and lighting stockists for all our brands, and everything comes with a guarantee of complete quality.

Having a dedicated sound system for your bar means you can truly offer the best music sound around. It also means you can guarantee the right volume and output for the best guest experience. For example, while your customers are on a night out looking for entertainment, they don’t want to end up sat too close to a booming speaker that drowns out all conversation.

You might ask “how much does a sound system for a bar cost, anyway?”. In short, there’s no simple answer since every venue is different. A sound system for a small bar will likely cost less than one spread over multiple floors, for example. Sports bar sound systems usually involve lots of speakers and zoned controls, whereas wine bars might simply need one basic system. A proper system will pay for itself though – you’ll be getting crystal clear sound quality and a dependable set up that provides the very best entertainment.

Plus, at Music Gear Installations we pride ourselves on our service, range of products and value. Our selection spans multiple brands and dozens of products in every category, so we’ll find the kit to suit your budget without compromising on quality.

PA Sound System av install in bar pub and beer garden
Bar Installation Leicester
Black Install RCF Speaker Bar Nottingham

Zoned systems for sound in bars

Setting up sound zones is the perfect solution for venues with multiple areas. Control the volume, input and more from one amplifier or controller, and adjust music as needed.

For example, sports bars can have TVs with Sky Sports running on one speaker system, and have music or radio on a rear speaker in the cloakroom, toilets and entrance.

We can set up a zoned sound system in several ways, making it completely customisable to your needs.

Speak to a Bar Audio Specialist Today and Find Out What's Best for You

Different sound systems for different bars

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to AV work, and we know the same is true for bars, too.

The sound system for a wine bar will be very different to a sports bar, and a karaoke bar doesn’t have the same needs as a dance or electronic bar. Every entertainment venue needs its own specific type of equipment and set up, which is why we offer a bespoke design and installation service.

From speaker placement – for example mounted on walls or ceilings to keep off the dancefloor, hidden beneath stages or fixed to bookshelves – to hooking up sub woofers and bass bins for dance bars, we’ll take care of it.

I originally contacted Music Gear Installations just regarding the audio installation. When they visited, I didn’t realize that they had a specialist who dealt with and understood TV installation and switching and all that business! I’d had a price on the TV’s already and MGI were equally competitive so I was happy for them to install the whole lot! It sounds great too and easy for the staff to use

NiradBar Owner

Finish your sound system with the best lights for bars

So, you’ve got your speakers, sub woofers and amplifiers all sorted so your bar sounds great. Now you need to make sure it’s looking its best.

The best lighting system for bars is made up of multiple different types of fixtures, strategically placed and professionally installed to provide the best light without glare.

Ceiling lights and spotlights are great for busy areas and behind the bar itself – they provide great light diffusion and don’t cause any tripping or bumping hazards.

Since bars can be messy places, with food, drink and plenty of revellers, we would always recommend installing wall mounted or ceiling lights where possible. Our team will discuss the best options for your venue’s layout during your consultation, and we’ll suggest a number of options from the UK’s top lighting brands.

We work with renowned names like Equinox, ADJ, Zero88, Chauvet and more. Because we stock a number of models across our brands, we can mix and match until we design the best system for you.

The perfect sound system for your bar, designed with Music Gear Installations

We’re official, authorised stockists for most of the UK’s leading brands across audio and visual technology. We stock a variety of brands and models throughout our entire range, so we can work with your budget to create a system that works for your bar, your business and your budget. The perfect solution for all your bar sound needs, made to order.

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