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Stage Lighting Installation Services

Everything you need to know about stage lights and installing them

If you are a performer you will understand the importance of stage lighting. It’s often assumed that this is only relevant for theatres or music halls but stage lighting for nightclubs, bars and schools are just as popular and important today as we aim to enhance user and customer experiences.

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A man installing stage lighting into the ceiling of a theatre

What is Stage Lighting?

Stage lighting has two functions:

  • To light up the performers on stage so they can be clearly seen by the audience.
  • To create on-stage atmosphere, mood and sometimes drama.

Stage lighting is found in theatres, live music venues, community centres, school halls, school drama studios, pubs, clubs and bars.

Latest Technology in Stage Lighting

In recent years, there’s been a big shift towards the use of high-power LED technology in new stage lighting systems. LEDs have several advantages over the traditional tungsten halogen fixtures, including:

  • Each stage light can produce millions of different colours – so colour gels are a thing of the past!
  • They use a fraction of the power of their traditional equivalent. This means that there’s no need for heavy-duty mains cabling or dimmer packs – and their installation costs.
  • A rated life of up to 50,000 hours. – That’s equivalent to 6 years of continuous 24/7 use! – You’ll never need to buy a replacement lamp again.
  • Lower power consumption – which means cooler operating temperatures and lower running costs.

There are now direct LED replacements for almost every type of stage light. These include medium floodlight ‘Parcans’ as well as hard and soft edged beam spotlights – known as ‘Fresnels’ and ‘Profiles’.

For excitement and visual drama, full pan and tilt moving head stage lights are also available in LED format. Remotely controlled from a lighting desk, these versatile models can be pointed in any direction with multiple projected colours and patterns to choose from too.

Stage Lighting Installations for Schools

A good stage lighting system in a school will guarantee to bring a performance alive!

Just adding a basic package to the hall transforms the room, filling your stage area with light and colour. And the children or students seem to excel when they’re in the spotlight!

Here at Music Gear Installations, we can provide your school hall with a stage lighting package that perfectly fits your budget.

From a cost-effective celling-mount six static light Parcan package, to a multi-bar multi-fixture rig that features a perfect combination of static and moving head stage lights for that all-important excitement and versatility.

And if it’s useful, we’ll then provide you with dual connection points – one to the side of the stage and one at the back of the hall to plug in the pre-programmed lighting control desk as each type of event requires.

Stage Lighting Installations for Bars

So your pub or bar has a small stage area for the local bands to perform and it needs livening up? No problem.

We can supply and install an LED stage lighting system that let’s your star performers really shine!

At the same time, the specified system won’t look obtrusive when it’s hanging there on the ceiling during your daytime trading hours. – We know that such hardware needs to look discrete and not out of place when it’s not in action.

And you have a choice on who operates the lights. – They can run automatically or the band can operate them on stage or you can have full control from behind the bar. The choice is yours.

Full Warranty on all Audio Installations

All stock comes with full manufacturer warranty for that extra peace of mind. We are approved UK stockists for all the leading brands we supply.

Music Gear Installations are Expert Contractors for Stage Lighting Installations

We have many years’ experience in designing, supplying and installing stage lighting systems for a wide range of locations – from education to hospitality.

Using only top brand names for long term reliability, our stage lighting solutions are designed specifically with you, your venue and your budget in mind. And with so much choice available in this area, we’ll offer you some optional upgrades too.

Your system will be neatly and professionally installed and we’ll take care of everything – including getting a power feed up to the ceiling if one’s not there already.

And before we sign off your stage lighting project, we’ll make sure that everyone who’ll be operating the lighting desk receives full one-to-one tuition so that you’ll get maximum value and use from your investment.

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