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Create the best experience for your guests with a bespoke sound system designed just for your hotel. From the lobby to the restaurant, communal areas to private guest rooms, hotels have plenty of need for quality sound. Whether it’s relaxing music, TV commentary in the lounge or announcements over the PA system, you need to make sure you’ve got the best audio systems in place for the best possible ambience.

We design, supply, install and maintain hotel sound systems

At Music Gear Installations, we offer a complete service in audio design. We’ll build a bespoke design blueprint from your floor plan, suggest top of the line audio solutions, install your entire system and optimise it for the best quality. We work with hotels of all sizes – from small independent bed & breakfasts to well-known larger hotels.

We know that every venue and business is different, with different audio needs. For example, big chain hotels like Marriott Hotels & Resorts properties will need audio solutions for conference rooms, multiple restaurants, spacious lobbies and plenty more. Similarly, destination hotels like Ibiza Rocks Hotel will require the usual hotel sound systems in addition to concert-level AV products to provide more bass. In contrast, smaller independent hotels might simply need sound systems for a restaurant and a zoned music control for the lobby.

Every one of our projects is unique, and informed by our decades of experience. So, you know you’re in the best possible hands.

Axed Bar Nottingham

Woodborough Hall Nottingham Wedding Venue

Sasha's Cocktail and Wine Bar in Nottingham Sound System Audio Visual Installation

Sasha’s Bar Nottingham

Spa Hotel Audio Visual PA Speaker Sound System and Lighting Installation Staffordshire

Hoar Cross Hall Luxury Spa Hotel Staffordshire

The Ned Ludd Audio Visual Installation Nottingham

The Ned Ludd Bar Nottingham

Eating Area Sound System Installation Leicester

The Bulls Head Pub & Kitchen Leicester

PA Sound Speaker System Installed Burger Bar Nottingham

Bohn’s Burger Bar Restaurant Nottingham

Restaurant and Bar Sound and Lighting Installation Nottingham

Paris Restaurant & Bar Nottingham

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Why is a hotel sound system needed?

You want your guests’ experience to be perfect from check in to check out. That means providing clean facilities, friendly service and all the little extras that make your hotel stand out. It also means ensuring the atmosphere and ambience of your establishment is welcoming, relaxing and inviting. That’s where a sound system comes in – providing music, background sounds and announcements to enhance the hotel experience.

Some of the reasons to install a state of the art, professional grade sound system in your hotel include:

  • For hotel-wide safety announcements
  • To enhance the ambience in the reception and communal areas
  • For PA announcements for conferences and events
  • To easily control entertainment across hotel areas
  • For bands, musicians and DJs
  • For weddings, conferences, meetings and other events
Black loudspeaker system installed into a hotel restaurant
Projector screen system for hotel conference rooms av installation
Restaurant hotel av pa sound system installed

The perfect hotel sound system design

The perfect sound system is one that works for your needs, your space and your budget. We’ve worked with installing AV systems for over 30 years, which means we’ve worked with businesses of all sizes and understand that budgets can vary. For example, larger chains like Hilton and Marriott Hotels & Resorts usually operate on a large budget and choose equipment that comes at a higher price point – for example installing BOSE speaker systems. We are official approved suppliers of dozens of industry-leading brands – including Yamaha, RCF, Logic System, Crown, Epson and Panasonic. With Music Gear Installations you can find the ideal system to suit your budget.

Guest room sound systems

Whether it’s a built-in speaker system attached to the television or a multi-input music system for guests to plug in and play their own playlists, having a high quality audio system in the room makes for one happy hotel guest.

You can install amplifiers and zoned volume systems to make sure one room’s music doesn’t interfere with the peace and quiet of neighbours.

Hotel reception sound solutions

The reception area is the hub of the hotel. It’s where guests get their first and final impressions, and where your staff are likely to spend a lot of time. We can install a purpose built speaker system that allows you to control music and volume throughout the reception and surrounding areas. That might involve wall speakers around the reception desk, or ceiling speakers in seating areas.

For larger hotels, a PA system might also be necessary, to allow your team to make public announcements to all guests. Working with you, the Music Gear Installations team will draw up a completely tailor-made plan that’s designed specifically for your space and requirements.

Hotel restaurant sound systems

Whether you have a single small breakfast area or multiple full dining restaurants at your hotel, you’ll need to consider sound. Having a relaxing soundtrack for dinner or gentle radio over the morning coffee can really make the difference for your guests’ perception of your hotel.

We specialise in creating restaurant sound systems that work with your space. We can provide wall speakers or ceiling speakers, and can suggest the perfect amplifier to link all your speakers. You can choose to connect your restaurant and lobby sound systems to one zoned control system, so you can adjust volume for each area separately at the touch of a button.

Hotel public area audio systems

Gyms, conference and meeting rooms, spas, event halls, recreation spaces and swimming pools are all areas that can be enhanced with the right sound system. We’ll fit and supply a streamlined system combining speakers, amplifiers, microphones and intelligent controls as needed so your hotel staff can control volume and input.

Hotel event hall audio setups

If your hotel has event spaces, ballrooms, larger meeting rooms or other function areas, you’ll need to consider a multi use sound system that can be used for hotel events, hired parties and other themed evenings. We can install surround sound speakers, integrated stage lights and easy to control sound systems that work with as many areas as you need.

Hotel lighting systems and design

Lighting goes hand in hand with sound, and to create the ultimate welcoming and professional environment for your hotel you’ll need to consider lights.

It might seem obvious, but you’ll need to consider how your lights will work at different times of the day, and use different light levels for various settings and moods within the hotel. Lighting design needs to take into account both guests and staff, and will likely need to be adjustable and set up in a zoned system across the premises.

The types of lights used in hotel rooms can vary. For example across bedrooms and areas like libraries and sitting rooms LED lights and table lamps are very popular, thanks to low installation cost, high degree of safety and their long-lasting bulbs. In communal areas and entry spaces like receptions and lobbies, we typically recommend recessed fixtures or downlights, to maximise on light distribution and create a clean look. For restaurants and areas with a lot of foot traffic you’ll want to consider wall or ceiling mounted lights.

Having an adjustable lighting system creates a relaxing atmosphere perfect for hallways and guest rooms. Consider the balance of natural light in rooms before investing in high-powered light fixtures, and think about all the different light sources you’ll need to create a full and satisfying guest experience – this might include vanity lighting, mirror lighting, coloured lights, table lamps, ceiling lights and more.

Lighting requirements for hotels will differ depending on your establishment’s size, ambience and function. Our team will conduct a thorough review of your floorplans, venue space and requirements before drawing up a comprehensive hotel lighting plan.

Hotel Restuarant with audio visual speaker sound system installation
Snug area av sound system installation hotel restaurant

I run restaurants in hotels and have no idea about sound systems! I needed a solution based on someone listening to my requirements and turning them into reality, as I do with every aspect of my vision. Music Gear Installations team got this spot on. I knew from the first meeting that I could leave it to them. I like working with companies like that.

Antony CrossmanRestaurant Hotel Owner

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