PA Sound Speaker System Installed Burger Bar Nottingham

About The Venue

A trendy speciality burger joint restaurant in the middle of Hockley, situated beneath the popular nationwide pub chain Brewdog, in Nottingham’s centre for culture and arts.

The Installation Brief

Because the place is a low ceiling, speakers were required to be compact, discreet, heard but not seen (almost!). Live acoustic music takes place 3 or 4 nights per week and the owner didn’t want acts bringing in loads of equipment, especially awkward because of the load in, and the access to the bar is via a narrow winding staircase. Background music was required from a single source, such as spotify and easy access behind the bar was required.

The Solution

Around the room for the background music we installed a quantity of Apart Audio OVO5 speakers, chosen for sound quality for such a small enclosure, whilst being really cost effective. Close to the live sound area, we installed Apart Audio Mask 8 full range speakers. These are a wooden enclosure so give extra warmth to the sound, especially where live music is concerned. We also fed a small amount of sound through the smaller speakers for a much rounder balanced result. We installed Apart Audio CM ceiling speakers in the toilets. On the stage we installed a Twin XLR input plate so the visiting artistes could simply plug in their own mixing desk. Overall volume can still be controlled from behind the bar, where we installed Yamaha PX series amplifiers. These amplifiers have excellent processing features, from which we were able to set certain frequency and limiting parameters, to help preserve the speakers. An Adastra ML Line Mixer with Blue Tooth capability was also installed or the main input control. An input to this was fed from the XLR plate on the stage. Background music could be played either by Bluetooth, or the 3.5mm Auxiliary input on the mixer.

Live Music PA System Installed Bar in Nottingham with Lighting
Install Loudspeaker fitted on a wall in a bar in Nottingham

My speciality is designing gourmet burgers and I know from experience that half the battle is won if the ambience and the sound are spot on also. It works really well with the stage input for the acoustic players, I would have never have thought of that, but that’s why I called the experts in!

Thomas BohnRestaurant Owner

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