Sports Complex PA Sound System Installation

About The Venue

Situated in the Nottingham City College complex, the sports centre consists of Astroturf football pitches, cricket nets and a sauna as well as a gym and community boxing ring which are split into 2 rooms, plus reception.

The Installation Brief

A basic all round speaker system was required to play music around the gym and the boxing ring. Different music was required in the 2 areas, often simultaneously. The reception is very close to the Gym, so this is where the overall control was required. However the boxing ring would require localised control of the volume and music selection.

The Solution

We had previously installed a single pair of Apart Mask 6 speakers in the gym before the extension work was carried out. We were able to re use these, adding a further 6 speakers across the 2 rooms. A Cloud CX263 Zoner mixer was installed to facilitate the 2 different input zones that were required. In the boxing ring, which was 25 metres or so from the Zoner, we installed a Cloud RSL6 wall plate to enable localised control of both the volume within the area and the switching of the input source. Both areas were powered by a Citronic QP1600 4 channel power amplifier. Having 4 channels enabled us to feed 2 speakers to each channel, enabling a degree of volume control to each pair of speakers. This facility is ideal for varying the volume levels without further amplifier expense.

Apart Audio Black Loudspeaker Installed in Nottingham Gym
Speaker PA Sound System with Black Speakers in Weight Lifting Gym
Black Install Speakers on wall of Gym Nottingham
Speaker Control Unit Installed in to Nottingham Gym
Installed Pa Speaker Control Switch for a Gym in Nottingham
Power Amplifier and racking for install in nottingham gym

My colleagues in the City College have been using Music gear Installations for quite some time, having done all of the sound and video screens in the 500 capacity conference room. I’m guessing this was simple by comparison, but we like the fact that we can vary the volume in the rooms, and play different music, which we do all of the time. We just switch it on and can forget about, which is what we like!

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