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“Great bar but the sound system is awful”

“The lighting is too bright, it feels like a bus station waiting room!”

Just a couple of the many comments that have been quoted to us over the years by bar owners looking to upgrade their venue after getting feedback from their dwindling customers.

We’re experts in creating pub sound systems that take venues to the next level

The UK is a nation of pub lovers, and with so much competition out there you need to make your establishment stand apart from the crowd. At Music Gear Installations, we’ve got years of experience kitting out pubs and clubs across the country with the best equipment and audio products to create lively, welcoming and atmospheric spaces that keep the customers coming back time and time again.

When it comes to designing the best pub sound system, there are a few things you need to consider. Your venue – the size, layout and architecture – will play a huge part in deciding where speakers and systems are installed. Depending on where your customers will be sitting and standing you might need more speakers in a particular area than others, or ceiling speakers in one room and wall speakers in the other. If you’re a pub restaurant hybrid venue, you might need to consider separate restaurant sound systems in addition to your bar area setup.

You’ll also need to consider what sort of pub sound you’re going for. For example, your establishment might be the sort where you need to amplify TV sound across the whole bar area in the day, before piping different music into the toilet, lounge and bar areas at night. Perhaps you have live music in the evenings – in this case you’ll probably need speakers that work with multiple inputs. Our team has experience building multi-zone sound systems so you can change what’s playing in the bar area, the seating area, the toilet area and more. Add flexibility and variety to your schedule to offer your customers an even better experience.

Whether you’re not sure where to even get started, or are just looking for a recommendation on the right equipment for you, we can help. Our completely adaptable services make it simple to create the best sound system for pubs in the UK. Choose whether you want just supply of gear, blueprint design, or full installation – then let our Music Gear Installations experts handle it.

Axed Bar Nottingham

Island Quarter Regeneration Project Nottingham

Sasha's Cocktail and Wine Bar in Nottingham Sound System Audio Visual Installation

Sasha’s Bar Nottingham

The Shephers Rest Pub Nottingham with the sound system av installation

The Shepherds Rest Pub Nottingham

Social Club Nottingham Wedding Event Venue AV installation

The Crossing Social Club Carlton Nottingham

ALTO Bar Nottingham Audio Visual Lighting Installation

ALTO Bar Cornerhouse Nottingham

The Ned Ludd Audio Visual Installation Nottingham

The Ned Ludd Bar Nottingham

Eating Area Sound System Installation Leicester

The Bulls Head Pub & Kitchen Leicester

the stage in social club leicester after a full music gear installation

New Parks Sports and Social Club Leicester

PA Sound Speaker System Installed Burger Bar Nottingham

Bohn’s Burger Bar Restaurant Nottingham

Caravan Club Bar and Pub Sound Installation Mablethorpe Lincolnshire

Holivans Caravan Park Bar Mablethorpe

Bar Installation Leicester

The Doghouse Bar Leicester

What makes a good pub sound system?

There are lots of things you need to keep at the top of your list when deciding what makes your ideal pub sound system. These are a few of the key factors to consider:


Most pubs have some kind of sound playing over their system all day, all week long. Whether it’s a gentle soundtrack, the radio or live TV, if you plan to be open for long hours you need a system that can handle a lot of use.


The atmosphere truly makes or breaks a pub. Sure, you need good drinks, friendly staff and clean facilities, but if the ambience is dead or uninviting you won’t be welcoming in any punters. Sound is a huge part of atmosphere, so you need to know your system will be up and running whenever you need it.


Most pubs are multifunctional, so your tech needs to be too. Whether that means using ceiling speakers as well as wall speakers, having adjustable volume control, or allowing multiple sources (like radio, TV or mobile device), every pub has different needs. At Music Gear Installations we’re also experts in installing hearing aid induction loops into venues too, so you can easily make your venue an accessible pub.


When it comes to sound, it’s like how it is with your beer – if it’s not good stuff it’s not going to cut it. Having high level sound quality in your pub is so important, even if you’re just playing background music. It’s absolutely crucial if you’re using your sound system for live entertainment, TV commentary, radio or pub quizzes.

AV Sound System install in a Bar Pub
White Install Wall Braket LoudSpeaker part of sound system install in bar and pub
PA Sound System av install in bar pub and beer garden

Outdoor Sound System for Beer Gardens & Bar Outdoor Areas

Many bars and pubs now want to have the option to have music or announcements heard in their beer gardens or outside patio areas. When outdoor sound is also required at your venue, we can either integrate this with your indoor system or you can have an independent solution. As part of the main system the option to hear something different to the indoor sound system and obviously regulate the volume independently is essential. This is an application where a zone mixer will perform the perfect role for this function. Alternatively a stand-alone outdoor sound system may be a more straight forward solution and better option for you.

Not forgetting that the outdoor speakers in your scheme will need to be ‘IP’ (Ingress Protection) rated, which basically means they are designed to be used outside. We can if required add remote input plates to allow convenient connection into the system for entertainers or DJ’s to also be outside. In some situations we have also installed extra sockets and easy fit brackets outside to allow the speakers to be removed and put away if they are not regularly used or are extremely exposed.

white outdoor speaker installed on white wall
black speaker installation hidden away in the pub decor
outdoor white loudspeaker angled to the beer garden

Why do you need a specialist pub sound system?

Pubs aren’t just hospitality establishments – they’re social spaces, entertainment venues and community hubs. Your pub does more than just serve drinks, and no matter how simple it is, your technology needs to reflect that.


Most pubs will have a background soundtrack of music playing as part of the general ambience. To get the best pub sound system for music, you need to consider input – i.e. where the music will come from. The Music Gear Installations experts can advise on the best source for your venue if you’re unsure. It could be from a mobile device, computer, CD or other source.


Another popular source of pub sound is radio. Depending on where you want the sound to be heard you’ll need to consider where speakers should be mounted, among other licensing considerations. We generally suggest wall mounted or ceiling speakers for pubs, but will be happy to provide an in-depth blueprint specifically shaped around your venue.

Pub Quiz

For many pubs, the pub quiz is one of the main sources of revenue during the week. A good quality pub quiz can set you apart from competitors, and there’s nothing worse than not being able to hear the quizmaster from across the bar! We’ve worked with countless pubs with different setups and building types to suggest the best sound system for pub quizzes. This can involve microphones, multimedia inputs and more.

Live music and entertainment

If you’re a pub with live music, pub bands or other entertainment, you’ll need to consider how to get the best sound quality for your performers. Consider smart phone inputs for music, amplifiers for bands and synchronised lighting for stage effects. Additional features like zonal sound and volume control will also be crucial.


Pubs with Sky Sports or other TV networks will likely want to connect their TVs to the PA system or speaker set up to amplify the sound. Attract more customers by piping central commentary or sound from the TVs throughout the bar.

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How to build the best pub sound system

The first element to a great sound system is quality. That means you need the best possible equipment for your space. At Music Gear Installations, we’ve got decades of experience working with top brands – including Yamaha, Crown and Clever Acoustics to name a few – and creating custom built system design blueprints that provide the best value and top quality for pubs of all shapes and sizes.


Obviously, speakers are extremely important bits of kit in your sound system. We supply a variety of industry leading brands at Music Gear Installations, and our team can suggest the right fit for you, your pub and your requirements.

We can work with your budget to design the best pub sound system for you. Our bespoke, personalised and completely adaptable service means we’ll tailor the right speaker blueprint plan for your pub, using the optimal combination of wall-mounted, ceiling and mobile speakers.


For pubs with live music, nights, pub quiz nights or any form of entertainment, having an amplifier can be key. A powerful, reliable amp is particularly important for larger spaces or stage areas. We provide amplifiers perfectly matched to your entire speaker system, and can help install them in the perfect place for the best sound quality.


Pubs can be noisy environments, which can make hearing single voices difficult. For events like open mic night, pub quizzes or even bingo or games nights, having a microphone can make all the difference.


To complement and amplify your sound system, the right lighting choice is extremely important. You might want to consider having dimmable lights to change the atmosphere from day to evening, or need multifunction fixtures for evening entertainment. We can recommend and supply the right light fixtures to complete your pub’s atmosphere. From stage lighting to LED fixtures for your bar and common areas, we know the perfect choice.

I originally contacted Music Gear Installations just regarding the audio installation. When they visited, I didn’t realize that they had a specialist who dealt with and understood TV installation and switching and all that business! I’d had a price on the TV’s already and MGI were equally competitive so I was happy for them to install the whole lot! It sounds great too and easy for the staff to use

NiradBar Owner

Get expert advice for your pub sound system

At Music Gear Installations, we take pride in our top-to-bottom service options. Whether you’re starting from scratch designing your sound system, or are simply after the best equipment at the best prices, we can help. We can provide single items – including speakers, cable, media centres and amplifiers – or package bundles with our supply service.

For a more comprehensive solution, our team can help with design and commissioning of your project too. We’ll design a design blueprint to make sure you get the best out of your equipment, and return to the site later to ensure everything is fully optimised and working as it should be.

For all your pub sound system needs, our team are on hand.

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