About The Venue

A vibrant busy city centre venue that caters for Axe throwers! Their interactive smart lanes incorporate end-grain target systems with a tablet and projector giving you so much more than just a traditional target to throw at. You get to choose from an innovative selection of games and competitions, all controlled by the touch of a button.

The Installation Brief

The client acquired this space within the Corner house, which is a multi floor building that is awash with bars, restaurants and a cinema. The audio system needed to be punchy when required without taking over the whole space. There needed to be areas reserved for spectators and VIP areas, where the vibrant music needed to take on a more laid back approach. Control needed to be simple and space behind the bar was limited. All needed to be done on a fairly tight budget. As always, we will work with the client to stick within the budget.

The Solution

We configured the space into 3 designated areas – heavy traffic busy bar area, the lanes for axe throwing and the VIP seating area. Our speaker brand of choice throughout was Wharfedale Si-12X installation range. These were chosen for the reliability, great robust look and superb value. In the area with the most traffic we installed 2 Wharfedale Si-12 full range speakers. These speakers have a wrap round bracket and can be installed in either portrait or landscape orientation. Within the zone that was closest to the throwing lanes, we installed 3 off Si-10x enclosures. The speakers here needed to be a little smaller, hence choosing the 10” enclosures. Further towards the bar was the VIP area, where tiered seating gave the customers a great view of what was happening. We installed Wharfedale programme 8 series to this area. Again, these are a little more compact and can be controlled separately. Through towards the toilet area, we went smaller still and chose to install programme 5’s to the corridor area that lead to the toilets.

Electronics were taken care of by installing a Cloud multi zone CX unit, along with amplification from Dynacord for the bigger speakers and WAudio for the smaller ones. The system control rack was installed in the back office. So the staff could easily control the various zones and change the playlist on the installed tablet accordingly, we installed 3 Cloud zone and volume wall plates behind the bar. Each wall plate took care of the various zones, so the volume could be regulated to suit. The amplification and Zone line mixer equipment were securely locked in a wall mounted cabinet

Mick came over to quote whilst it was still a building site and after I’d explained what we wanted to do on a budget, he spent some time checking where the control equipment would live, looked for the route for cabling etc. Their price was good, and first fix was underway virtually straight away which made it easier for everyone, as the installer could work with the other contractors on site. It sounds great and the whole job only took a couple of days overall

Ben WhitehandVenue Manager

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