Salvation Army Microhpone and Speaker Install Nottingham

About The Venue

Originally built in 1911 the site with an approximate capacity of 50-100 people was due to undergo a total refurbishment to include replacing and future-proofing the sound and vision facilities in the main hall.

The Installation Brief

Two large TV screens positioned on the front and rear walls to display hymn lyrics, pictures and films. Adequate speakers to amplify the audio from the TV screens, background music and to enhance live speech. A variety of microphones plus an induction loop system to assist hearing aid users.

Podium Microphone Installed for Speech Nottingham

The Solution

We positioned a quantity of compact speakers by Apart-Audio, powered with Yamaha amplification around the room to give the best overall sound coverage as part of this church av installation. Two large TV’s were fitted to the front and rear walls linked into the sound system.

We supplied a combination of handheld and headset wireless microphones by Audio-Technica  to allow maximum flexibility plus a dedicated lectern microphone. We added a 4 input stage box to allow extra wired microphones or instruments to be plugged in locally reducing trip hazards.

Further conveniently positioned sockets were provided to plug a laptop into the system and TVs, plus a Bluetooth receiver socket was fitted to allow smartphones and tablets etc. to wirelessly connect.

The induction loop system cable was sensitively positioned to work at maximum potential without affecting the fabric and décor of the building.

The control rack was positioned for convenient accessibility and included a multichannel mixing desk and multimedia player capable of playing CD’s and DVD’s into the sound system and TV’s.

TV and Power Amp Rack Installed for Viewing Nottingham
Audio for all visitors installed Nottingham

The Team listened to our present needs and looked at possible future scenarios to decide on the best specification possible within our budget. The system works well and the installation was done neatly, on time and on budget, great job!

Colin WardDivisional Envoy

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