“Great bar but the sound system is awful”

“The lighting is too bright, it feels like a bus station waiting room!”

Just a couple of the many comments that have been quoted to us over the years by bar owners looking to upgrade their venue after getting feedback from their dwindling customers.

Sound Systems & Lighting for Bars, Pubs & Beer Gardens

Good quality sound and effect lighting when also required, will really make the difference and add to the customer experience in your bar or pub. Using the right loudspeakers for the job, positioned correctly will be critical to achieve the best end result keeping your customers satisfied so they keep coming back. Whether you are looking for background music, foreground music with sub bass capable of higher volume levels, or systems that can also facilitate live music, DJ’s and entertainers, we have lots of experience that will help us guide you to make the right choice for your venue.

Many of the sound systems we have fitted are also zoned systems. This means you will have the ability to have the same or different sound in multiple areas or rooms of your venue at appropriate volume levels applicable to that space.

The Shephers Rest Pub Nottingham with the sound system av installation

The Shepherds Rest Pub Nottingham

Social Club Nottingham Wedding Event Venue AV installation

The Crossing Social Club Carlton Nottingham

ALTO Bar Nottingham Audio Visual Lighting Installation

ALTO Bar Cornerhouse Nottingham

The Ned Ludd Audio Visual Installation Nottingham

The Ned Ludd Bar Nottingham

Eating Area Sound System Installation Leicester

The Bulls Head Pub & Kitchen Leicester

the stage in social club leicester after a full music gear installation

New Parks Sports and Social Club Leicester

PA Sound Speaker System Installed Burger Bar Nottingham

Bohn’s Burger Bar Restaurant Nottingham

Caravan Club Bar and Pub Sound Installation Mablethorpe Lincolnshire

Holivans Caravan Park Bar Mablethorpe

Bar Installation Leicester

The Doghouse Bar Leicester

Outdoor Sound System for Beer Gardens & Bar Outdoor Areas

Many bars and pubs now want to have the option to have music or announcements heard in their beer gardens or outside patio areas. When outdoor sound is also required at your venue, we can either integrate this with your indoor system or you can have an independent solution. As part of the main system the option to hear something different to the indoor sound system and obviously regulate the volume independently is essential. This is an application where a zone mixer will perform the perfect role for this function. Alternatively a stand-alone outdoor sound system may be a more straight forward solution and better option for you.

Not forgetting that the outdoor speakers in your scheme will need to be ‘IP’ (Ingress Protection) rated, which basically means they are designed to be used outside. We can if required add remote input plates to allow convenient connection into the system for entertainers or DJ’s to also be outside. In some situations we have also installed extra sockets and easy fit brackets outside to allow the speakers to be removed and put away if they are not regularly used or are extremely exposed.

AV Sound System install in a Bar Pub
White Install Wall Braket LoudSpeaker part of sound system install in bar and pub
PA Sound System av install in bar pub and beer garden
white outdoor speaker installed on white wall
black speaker installation hidden away in the pub decor
outdoor white loudspeaker angled to the beer garden

I originally contacted Music Gear Installations just regarding the audio installation. When they visited, I didn’t realize that they had a specialist who dealt with and understood TV installation and switching and all that business! I’d had a price on the TV’s already and MGI were equally competitive so I was happy for them to install the whole lot! It sounds great too and easy for the staff to use

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