Ashby School Leicester Received Audio Visual Installation, full Sound System and Lighting Effects

About The Venue

Ashby School, previously known as Ashby Grammar School and was founded in the 1500’s. It remains a part boys’ boarding school and has been a general academy since 2012. The theatre is a 200 capacity purpose made ‘raked’ (upward sloped seating from the stage outwards) theatre for the optimum theatre experience.

The Installation Brief

The theatre is used predominantly for school performance and lectures. The current installed audio system falls short of supplying what is required for such events. Our brief was to do a full appraisal of the current facilities, including the radio microphones. The rehearsal part of the theatre, which is situated to the rear of the main stage only had a small portable speaker unit . Although the speakers were of a reasonable quality within the main auditorium, they lacked the required spread of sound and bass element. The Theatre had no on stage input facility which created a problem with applications that required plugging in from the stage, wired microphones and amplification from musicians, for example.

The Solution

We removed the existing speakers and replaced the main front of house speakers with 4 x Inspired Audio AX8 high / mid-range enclosures on brackets and 2 x B210 sub bass enclosures, which we neatly installed under the stage due to their low profile dimensions. We also installed an Inspired Audio Q6 Digital amplifier. This supplied 4 channels of audio, 2 to the AX8’s and 2 for the B210 subs. Each pair of channels was programmed for optimum speaker performance. We installed an Adam Hall KC3230 24 input / 8 output 30 metre multi core. This was installed within the suspended roof cavity from the rear control room down to the side of the stage. We undertook servicing of several components that remained in the system, including the Sennheiser Radio Microphones. We utilised the original speakers and amplifier within the performance rehearsal area, which were adequate for this size of space, whilst saving the client having to spend more money on more speakers.

Audio Visual Install for school in Leicester, lots of lighting for their theatre complex
Stage for a school in leicester has lighting and speaker system installed for learning
School in Leicester has full Audio visual lighting and loudspeaker install into the main theatre classroom

The Music Gear Installations team planned their initial visit whilst the existing system was in use, so they could hear the issues. We knew that we required top quality speakers and with the Inspired Audio equipment we weren’t disappointed. Re cycling the old speakers was a great idea also, as it has transformed the PA system in that area too, which we didn’t expect!

Kirt Richardson & Alex LambSchool Management

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