Church Audio Visual Installation Project

About The Venue

A modern Church, founded in 2007, the ACF is a Church for the community to deliver all aspects of Christian faith.

The Installation Brief

As services within the Church environment have been severely hit over the last 18 months due to COVID, the Church, like many others needed to research and consider alternate methods of delivering the service to the congregation. It was decided that modern cameras, screens and a method of controlling the content was required. In a second room which serves as a crèche and a baptism pool, the facility to see and hear the service was required to be extended into this room also. Video streaming audio visual solutions for Churches have never been as popular in 2020 – 2021.

The Solution

The camera solution required to have a zoom facility to enable the user to potentially zoom in to all parts of the Church. PTZ optics 12x SDi unit delivered everything that was required, with a 1080p High Definition Video image. This enabled pan, tilt and zoom capabilities to give the viewer the best possible picture from the comfort of their home.

The camera control switching unit of choice was the Black Magic ATEM Mini Pro. This was chosen for its ease of use and versatility, enabling control of up to 4 cameras. Due to the way that camera operation is carried out, enabling programmable scenes from the PTZ, we installed a fixed 1080p camera also. This enabled smooth switching when the PTZ camera required a different scene. The operator could cue up the forthcoming scene. Operation is via a simple to use remote control or a joystick. The ATEM has a stereo audio out which we fed into the line mixer that was already installed at the Church. We also installed a 27” monitor screen to enabled the operator to monitor both cameras.

We used LG 65” screen 4K monitors for clear visibility within the Church. In the smaller room we installed 2 L2 Audio Passive speakers which were fed from slave amplifier and routed back to an auxiliary on the main mixer. This enabled the congregation within the side room / crèche to listen and watch the service on the 55” screen that we also installed

Black loudspeaker wall mount av installation for a church
screen for live video stream of church service
Live stream the church service with limited worship as part of the av installation
in the process of installing a TV and PA loudspeakers for better sound during the church ceremony
The screen and channel components as part of the video live streaming equipment in a church as part of a church av install
hdmi cable for live streaming church ceremonies
the back of the church has all the computers and video live streaming equipment
2 computers and 2 monitor screens with the church live stream video footage
projector installed at the back of the church
TV on and working with loudspeakers either side to amplify the church ceremony
Audio visual TV and sound system working after installation in the church
webcam to show a live church ceremony

Richard and Mick made the initial visit to the Church and it was clear from the start that they understood our requirements. With Richard being part of the Church PCC, he understands what it entails within the council. Ian and Richard installed the equipment and the installation was quick and very neat. Richard came back again to train the users of the equipment. We need some lights next so we’ll be getting back in touch with Music Gear Installations again soon

Lois McFarlaneThe Parishioner

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