When the time comes to invest in a new system or upgrade the sound and lighting in your club, venue or hall, we have the knowledge and experience to help you make the right choice. Whether you need a solution for a nightclub, working men’s club, social club, cabaret club, comedy club, bingo club or any type of leisure and entertainment club, we can provide a solution.

Social Club Nottingham Wedding Event Venue AV installation

The Crossing Social Club Carlton Nottingham

ALTO Bar Nottingham Audio Visual Lighting Installation

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the stage in social club leicester after a full music gear installation

New Parks Sports and Social Club Leicester

Full AudIo Visual Sound Installation Shree Pajapati Association Community Centre, Leicester

Shree Prajapati Association Community Centre Leicester

Night Club Derby Sound and Lighting Installation

Living Lounge Night Club Derby

Sound Systems & Lighting for Nighclubs, Club Venues, WMC’s & Halls

In today’s demanding climate people have better quality headphones, sound bars, TV’s, phones and tablets and their expectations are naturally higher for sound and vision when they are out socialising. Your sound system needs not to disappoint and to provide high quality definition, lots of punchy sub bass and the potential to be loud! In addition it needs to look good, be discreet and fit in with the décor, it needs to impress! With your venues reputation at stake this is an investment that must to be made wisely and we can help.

Well thought out flexibility for your sound system is essential for future proofing your business and giving you the ability to change the focus of your entertainment if necessary. The ability to zone your venue into sections to enable you to regulate volume at different levels in different settings is often essential. You may also want different music as well as different volume levels in the different areas. This can all be achieved by utilizing zone technology and good planning at the start.

Deciding on the other functions of the system is also essential to ensure you have the right av equipment for the job. For example; will you need the capability to facilitate live music? Will you have resident or visiting DJ’s? Will you need different positions for your entertainers and DJ depending on the occasion? All these options can be factored in and you will see examples of this in our previous install projects.

To further enhance the atmosphere of your club, venue or hall, the correct lighting scheme is essential to create the ambience or theme you need. Also, let us not forget that modern LED technology lighting is cheaper to buy, maintain and most definitely to run than the older lighting you are no doubt replacing. Projection and flat screens are also often included somewhere in many audio visual installation schemes to add another dimension and flexibility to the venue.

Full Install of Subwoofer Speaker
Sound av system installed in nightclub
AV Sound Lighting System for Nigghtclub WMC Social Club Hall

My manager had used Music Gear Installations in another Derby club. They paid 2 or 3 visits prior to starting work getting to know who else was on site. A total refit can sometimes get a little messy with all sorts going off, so it’s important everyone get’s on and helps each other out when it comes to threading cables for example. The club is top drawer, so is the sound system and the lighting. A superb job done well, on time and on budget.

Tony SandhuClub Owner

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